Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Wife of Brian in the land of Podcast

I discovered today that a lovely lady had talked about me in her podcast. I find this thoroughly exciting. Her site is:

The mention is in episode 24, about 24 minutes in - although I recommend listening to it all. Smart and entertaining and knitting-based - what more could you possibly want?!

The lovely lady in question (I'm afraid I don't know her name) found out about me from my friend Sheara (who is also a lovely lady). Sheara and I are doing a massive and mad charity production of 'Crazy for You' at the London Palladium this weekend (in case you didn't know, my proper job is as a Stage Manager). There are still tickets available and it's going to be amazing so do check it out:

Apparently podcast lady is going to be there, so I look forward to meeting her.

Now, here are some more things I've been up to recently:

The crochet lorgnette has had mixed responses but I love it. The moustache cuff has three different styles (much like the eyebrow headband of old...), but I think there's more work to be done there. The black moustache is actually a brooch, for those of you who aren't necessarily brave enough to wear the knitted facial hair on your face. And yes, the earmuffs are just cream versions of the ones you've already seen - they were a custom request. Can you tell I was ill when I took that picture?

Over the last two weeks the world has gone mad and bought and requested uber amounts of beards. This very nicely coincided with me being ill and also going in to tech at work (this is a period of time, where I am working every hour of the day) so I was coming home at midnight and knitting in bed! It's all calmed down now though, do not fear.

So onwards an upwards. Embrace the madness!