Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Beards for Bento

This week I have been mostly knitting beards. "Makes a change," the sarcastic amongst you may say, but I wouldn't normally make this many beards at a time.

They're for a new boutique in Pennsylvania called Bento, who have asked me to do a consignment trial run. Bento seems to be quite a cute arty place, with lots of interesting wares. So maybe a perfect place for my beards... The idea is to see how they go over the next couple of months and then go from there. I'm just quite excited about my stuff flinging to the fars of Pennsylvania.

Check out Bento's blog here:

Today Pennsylvania, tomorrow... who knows?

Monday, 24 August 2009

Beard Spotted in Wales

I got a message today from my old friend James saying he'd been to the Green Man Festival in Wales and had bumped into a man with a knitted beard.

Initially I was very excited by this random coincidence and also the undoubted spreading of the beard love, but then I was worried that maybe some cheeky scoundrel had been copying my ideas. James reassured me that it was definitely one of mine. Hurrah!

I then wanted to find out which one of my customers it was so I could contact them and share this strange fluke of fortune, but realised I had no way of knowing. Boooo! Oh well. Just one of those things... But no. In the mail box, an email from said chappy, sharing his joy and beardy festival experiences. Truly awesome. Not to mention this great photo. It made my day to know I'd cheered someone's weekend.

In other news, my labels arrived today. Very exciting. It means I can start behaving like a proper professional beard-maker and that. Good advertising. And generally just looks cool. Yay!

Watch out world, the beards are coming!

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Moustaches are probably, in many ways, more fun than beards. There's a lot more scope and clever things to be done. And not just different styles and colours. My latest favourite is the moustache on a stick (top right) and I also love the moustache gloves (middle right). I think I'm going to go in to a whole range of things on sticks. Maybe eyebrows next... Tee hee.

Saturday, 22 August 2009


Here are some lovely examples of my beards. And yes, all those pictures are of me... There's noone else I'd be able to get to sit still for long enough to get it right! So apologies if you get bored of my face... I know the feeling well.

The most popular is definitely the basic brown, but there's always a call for something different. Like my new loopy creation (bottom left). I think I might go for some more wacky colours - purple a la Billy Connoly? Let me know your suggestions.

Ooh, and I probably ought to let you know where to look at these creatures. My website is:

Thanks for looking. Do get in touch x

Friday, 21 August 2009


I like knitting. A lot. And at the moment I mostly like knitting beards.

"Why beards?", I hear you ask. It all started because my (now sadly ex-) boyfriend Andrew, who is a thoroughly ingenious and funny chap, once suggested how great it might be to have a knitted beard. I stored this thought away in the memory banks and come his next birthday you can guess what he got...

This is a picture of him (very excited) on his birthday with one of his other presents - I definitely do good presents!

Suffice to say, the beard went down a storm with everyone, not to mention going practically everywhere with Andrew.

It took me about another six months to come up with the idea of selling my beards, but it's all snowballed pretty quickly. It's been so much fun coming up with new ideas - a lot of which were initially inspired by Andrew - and I'll make sure I put up lots of pictures on here.

I've made steady sales, had interest from a boutique in Pennsylvania, and had suggestions of newspaper and tv interviews. All very exciting and uber mad.

So watch this space for more news and crazy creations.

Much love xx