Saturday, 22 August 2009


Here are some lovely examples of my beards. And yes, all those pictures are of me... There's noone else I'd be able to get to sit still for long enough to get it right! So apologies if you get bored of my face... I know the feeling well.

The most popular is definitely the basic brown, but there's always a call for something different. Like my new loopy creation (bottom left). I think I might go for some more wacky colours - purple a la Billy Connoly? Let me know your suggestions.

Ooh, and I probably ought to let you know where to look at these creatures. My website is:

Thanks for looking. Do get in touch x


  1. I LOVE the loopy ones!!! Might have to start my Christmas shopping early... only 18 weeks to go until Christmas...!

  2. haha! nice beards! great minds think alike ;)

  3. I want a beard to attach to my dog! OH is obsessed with giving him a Pink Connolly beard with food colouring, there must be another way! My dog is transgender, I don't think OH can accept that he is immensely attractive to boy dogs, and somehow this would make him look more masculine!