Sunday, 14 March 2010

Festive Silliness and Press Treats

Festive Silliness: Here were my beardy contributions to the world for the Saint Days of Valentine and Patrick. The card proved to be quite popular, and the greenie beard was actually a custom order. I think I may start a range of brightly coloured beards. Yellow next, I think.

As for the Press Treats: There's been a bit of chat about me on the internet of late, which has been nice. It started with being on the etsy front page, twice in two days - both with the same item!
That led to a lot of custom orders and lovely emails, hurrah.

It also led to a lovely article on the live. make. create. website:
Which included such sweet quotes as: "All of her designs are clever and very beautifully crafted". Thanks!

There was also a mention on the Jezebel blog.
My favourite comment from here was: "I just checked out this woman's website. I really, really want her to be my friend". Yay!

And then... This blog got picked up by Glamour Magazine who wrote about my "ridiculousness" on their website. Tee hee.
How very exciting.

The beardy article that my interview contributed to in Melbourne Magazine has now been published, and the lovely Ian Rose who wrote it is sending me a copy. I'm really looking forward to reading that.

I'm yet to hear whether my moustache gloves have made an appearance in Bust Magazine. I don't have access to a copy over here, so if anyone's seen one, it would be great to know if I made the cut.

Right, that's all my pressy treats for now.

Merry Mother's Day everyone x