Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Crafty Patterns, Book-signing and Moustache o'clock

It's been a busy few weeks in Brian-land. As you know, I was at the Knitting & Stitching Show last week with Collins & Brown, signing books and knitting moustaches.

It was a brilliant and exhausting day! I learnt three things while I was there: I could never go on the Apprentice as I am incapable of selling people things they don't want; ALL old ladies tell the same jokes (in this case, 'why would I want to knit a moustache when I'm already growing my own?? - hilarious); and the truth is, I am actually a little bit weird. Who knew?

But in all honesty, I had a great time and the Collins & Brown gang had made some brilliant free moustache kits. I'm hoping to get hold of a couple, so I'll let you know if I do. I'm also looking forward to all the resulting pictures we've been promised of people's moustache makes. Moustache-tastic.

I've popped the moustaches I made during the day onto my shops ready for Movember, so if you fancy picking one up, pootle over and have a look:

In other news, Crafty came out last week with my Halloween patterns. They look absolutely ace and I was dead chuffed to discover they also have a competition to win my book! Pick up a copy now and you could also win lots of goodies to make your own disguises. Brilliant. Team Crafty are planning a November moustache knit along, so I'll be back with news of that soon.

With Halloween and Movember around the corner, Knit Your Own Moustache is getting a bit more press at the mo (wee moustache pun there), and has popped up in a couple of nice little reviews in 'Let's Knit' and 'Simply Crochet'.

Slowly but surely taking over the woolly world... Tee hee.

Laters, mo fo's xx

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