Monday, 26 August 2013

Brian hits the Twittersphere

Stop Press! Shock horror! And all that surprised sort of jazz. I have, wait for it, finally joined Twitter.  I know, I know. 'Where have you been all this time, Veames?' The answer is, who knows. I suspect I was a little worried that Twitter might consume me like a tidal wave of nonsense. But having deliberated about it for several years now, I think it might actually be fun. So why not come and play with me. My name is the ever so original @vicky_eames.

In other news, the lovely chaps (just the one chap I think, actually) over at have mentioned me on their blog. Have a pootle over for some facial hair fun.

'And what news of the ongoing book hunt?', I hear you cry. Possibly sarcastically. Well, I found a copy in the Waterstones near my work at Trafalgar Square.

What you can't tell by this picture, is that this is actually practically the bottom shelf in the basement. So, feeling a little reckless, I sneaked my book onto a display:

And then I ran away quicksmart. Don't go telling anybody, will you??


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