Sunday, 6 September 2009

Etsy Front Page

I love etsy. It was because of this website that I had the confidence and the opportunity to open my shop. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of people on there selling beautiful and fascinating things. I have actually bought some myself.

As an etsy seller, one of the biggest aims is to make it to the front page. The bods in charge search through the thousands of items on there and choose their favourites to go on the front page for all to see when they first sign into the website. Quite a coup and a great chance for more people to see your work.

On the 16th August I made it to the front page. Woop! Big yay to me. When I went to bed my views were around 40, and when I woke up they were over 800. Astounding. I had so many emails from people congratulating me and telling me they loved my work. It was really very lovely and great to know that I must be doing something right!

So I recommend you go for a browse. Quite a few treats out there.

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