Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Other Fun Things

So here are some other fun things that I make that don't fit into the beard/moustache brackets.

I like to stick to the 'hair in the face vicinity' theme, into which I think eyebrows and wigs do just about fit. I will admit that the eye gloves don't belong anywhere near facial hair, but I just love them too much. I thought about putting eyelashes on them, but that seemed a bit too weird and also far too tenuous!

The eyebrow headband has three different styles of eyebrows that you can twist around depending on your mood. I think this will always be my favourite creation.

I also love the mohawk hat. A lot of my friends have told me they'd wear one because it looks cool, and not just for giggles and that.

Not sure about the eyebrow monocle yet. I made that as a birthday present for my friend Alec, and I've not seen it in action so I'm not sure if it works... Let me know what you think! (Before I go mad and put one on my shop...)

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  1. Hi there. Just stumbled across you via folksy – loving the name! – and those pan's lab gloves are super creepy! ;)